What I’m doing now

What I’m doing now, thanks to Derek Sivers.

May 2019 (Q2)

Life’s not too bad on my end.

My main focus is on launching my consulting business. Over the next month, this means being heads down doing client work, launching my website, and setting up partnerships with companies that I want to collaborate with (Intercom, Airtable, Zapier, Segment).

The consulting niche I’m pursuing is essentially Customer Success, so I’m spending a time getting involved in the NYC community where I hope to expand my knowledge of best practices and relationships. (If this describes you, hit me up!)

I’ve completely moved out of San Francisco — I’m now I’m spending 50% of my time in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and 50% of my time in New York. It’s amazing.

This quarter, I’ve focused on developing skills that are going to compound over time and contribute to the life I want to live:

I also realized that I need to unfuck my style, so I signed up for Peter Nguyen’s Essential Style Course to help reset my wardrobe and get my style essentials locked down.

As for health and fitness, I’m continuing to do keto, staying sober, and exercising daily. This exercise has evolved into a 3x a week lifting plan, 2-3 days of BJJ, and 1-2 days of getting outdoors & biking with Clark (aka Papa Wiese).

If you want to be an accountability buddy and check in with me on things, here are my goals / progress markers for May. These don’t include my habits around health, fitness and exercise, or client work.

  • Launch a revised CameronWiese.com with my consulting overview.
  • Progress made on my Customer Success Ventures (community, clients, education, etc).
  • Reset my wardrobe.
  • A blog post on how I’m evaluating, defining, and seeking relationships.
  • Updates to my reading list

Things I’m thinking about:

  • Defining myself & my work as a consultant. I’ve found Tom Critchlow to be exceptionally helpful.
  • Customer Success Infrastructure — what do companies need to build really engaging and delightful experiences for their customers?
  • Dating — I’ve intentionally stepped back from making this a priority. Spending time in New York makes it challenging to not think about starting to date. I won’t jump back into this world until I’ve decided what I’m looking for.

I don’t need to wax poetic about everything else that’s going on. Things are good and I’m in a good place to be moving forward.


Last updated: 5/14/2019