I help businesses set up systems, processes, and procedures that allow them to engage, retain, and ultimately delight their customers! In other words, I help companies with their Customer Success.

What is Customer Success?

This is really important to understand before we work together. A lot of people conflate customer success with customer support. Here’s the key difference — customer support is reactive. It’s handling issues that arise when your customers have a problem.

Servers are down. They can’t find a feature. The buttons don’t click. They’re upset, and frustrated (rightfully so) and need help immediately.

Customer Success on the other hand is proactive — it’s all about helping your customers before they need help.

My Background:

Customer Success (Consultant for various startups), Founder, Growth & Delight at Superhuman where I managed all of our customer communications & built out our onboarding pipeline. You can see the results of my work here.

In my experience, I’ve found a repeatable model that works:

  • Communicate with your customers
  • Collect their feedback

Working with me:

You’re here because you’re looking to activate, retain, and engage your customers. You need some help and want best practices for building out these systems. Hiring is time consuming and expensive, so is onboarding a new person to your team. Even if you decided to hire someone, it may take a couple months to find the perfect fit.


  • Intercom Consulting
  • Zapier Consulting
  • Segment Consulting
  • Airtable Consulting