Me in NYC not thinking about how terrifying this art exhibit would be on an acid trip.

If you’re reading this right now, you caught me at a good time. I paid my sister (/motivational buddy) $250 to force me to get this site done tonight. Part of the deal is that I have everything published and live…including an about me page.

I have a few other things to wrap up, so I’m slightly cheating and modifying my about page from my old website. Slightly dated and doesn’t color me as accurately as I’d like now (several years later), but it provides some nuggets to start conversation.

  • Freshman year of high school I enrolled myself in a military boarding school, got accepted, and convinced my parents to ship me off 3000 miles away from home. I graduated from Riverside Military Academy in 2013.
  • I’m graduated from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo where I took Computer Science, Business, and Psychology courses.
  • love organizing events. I’ve run the end-to-end execution for Startup Weekends, a career fair for startups, a student showcase, and industry tours for Cal Poly Entrepreneurs. I’m a TEDx license holder and founded TEDxCalPoly (now TEDxSanLuisObispo).
  • Founded PolyRents.com. Spent several years learning how not do do things.
  • I hustled to get a meeting with Evan Speigel (CEO Snapchat). Moderately funny story, successful outcome.
  • Feeling cocky, I decided to try again with Brian Chesky. Amazing story, not so successful outcome. I did finally realize 4 years later how weird it would have been to get a cereal box from a stranger with a shirtless caricature of yourself on it. Oh well. Link SFW.